The ePlan team of claim negotiation experts is here to assist you with your medical claim negotiation. They understand that every case is different and that's why they proudly offer a variety of ways of helping you that are fine tuned to your specific situation. Whether you are in or out-of-network and you need guidance with your medical claim negotiation, claim audit, medical necessity review, reimbursement determination or anything else, their team of talented business professionals is here to get you what you deserve.

There is no shortage of options for health plans when choosing an out-of-network cost containment vendor. So what makes ePlan the right choice? Their competitive edge lies in our extraordinary savings performance, personalized customer service, and top-notch medical claim negotiations. With an average success rate of over 80% and an average discount close to 50% off of claim charges, many of their customers are saving millions of dollars each year on their out-of-network claims.


They use proprietary algorithms and extensive provider databases to determine areas of considerable expense or waste, as well as expose abusive billing practices and suspect claims. Their comprehensive claims editing solution identifies clinical and technical edits and targets suspect claims for further review. This method allows us to handle every claim with confidence and consistently outperform our competition.


Establishing complementary partnerships is essential to the delivery of the Beacon suite of products. We continually evaluate potential relationships that offer products and solutions to help us meet the requirements of the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Our goal is to partner with vendors that:

  • Offer high quality, integral solutions

  • Provide our customers with the greatest value

  • Have the flexibility to fit our customers' needs

At Beacon, we strive to provide our customers with complete solutions crafted to fit their unique needs. Together, we can advance the future of healthcare.



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