Enhance Your Fund With the Industry’s Most Configurable, Efficient Solution

With flexible, efficient benefit administration and dynamic automation capabilities, Beacon’s web-based claims processing solution, SpyGlass, gives labor fund administrators the confidence to face rising healthcare costs, market demands, and regulatory change head-on. Our unique ability to get adjudicators up and running quickly, regardless of their expertise or experience level, reduces training costs and cuts down training time. SpyGlass’ easy-to-use, scalable, and secure framework helps your administrators devote more time to high-value customer service operations.

Our team brings vision and an advanced level of knowledge and expertise to the challenges faced by labor funds, allowing our customers to leverage the power of SpyGlass to improve accuracy, enhance productivity, and maximize ROI. The remarkable ease-of-use and end-user configurability ensure smooth operations today and a path toward your future business needs.

How Beacon Helps
  • Streamline Benefit Administration
    SpyGlass administers any line of business, including medical, dental, vision, FSA, HRA/HSA, life & disability, and COBRA.
  • Claim Savings
    Beacon’s own Compass Code Edits, as well as additional clinical code edit vendor partner integrations, help to deliver cost savings in claim expense.
  • Simplify Your Transactions
    Our EDI gateway works as a hub, allowing you to directly connect with vendor partners to help avoid transaction costs, manage batch transfers, and automate transfers.
  • Established Connections
    Beacon has established integrations with the key PPOs, like BCBS and Anthem, in the Taft-Hartley space.
  • Robust Customer Service
    SpyGlass provides comprehensive information for customer service and call management by way of strong search and view capabilities, call tracking, notes, and more.
  • Flexible Delivery
    Whether hosted, licensed, or on-premises, we deliver SpyGlass in a way that suits your business and financial objectives.

See How SpyGlass Helps Labor Funds

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