SpyGlass was designed for ease-of-use and end-user configurability, enabling you to quickly and efficiently implement the solution. From real-time integrations to system upgrades, our professional services ensure smooth operations today and a path toward your future business needs. Beacon professional services include implementation, project management, business analysis, training, conversion, and customization to ensure a seamless transition to SpyGlass.

We have been successfully helping healthcare payers modernize their health claims management technology for over 20 years. We take a personal approach to servicing our customers. Our team, with deep background experience within the healthcare software development and insurance claims processing industries, brings an advanced level of knowledge and expertise to the challenges faced by healthcare payers, allowing our customers to leverage the power of SpyGlass in the most cost-effective way.

Professional Services include:
  • Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Training
  • Conversion
  • Customization


Beacon creates a tailored implementation procedure to effectively put our suite of health claims management solutions into operation in organizations of any size and type. Our team designs a collaborative process to reflect our customers’ needs, specific conversion goals, timing consideration, and implementation philosophy in order to ensure a successful execution. From plan conception through testing, our implementation team consistently delivers a controlled go-live experience, providing customers with a quicker return on their investment.

SpyGlass Implementation

SpyGlass Training
Project Management

Project management is a key component of each implementation. From initiation through go-live, Beacon provides the professional expertise to ensure all milestones, priorities, and business needs are met throughout the implementation process as well as post-live customer projects. Our team works with our customers to tailor a comprehensive strategy and procedure for completing any requirement.


Business Analysis

Beacon’s analysts conduct operational analysis to assist our customers with system configuration and optimization. Our team of experts guides users through configuring benefit plans, claim adjudication, workflows, automated operations, and other business needs throughout implementation to achieve the highest operational efficiency. Through our unique combination of deep background experience and an advanced level of system expertise, Beacon ensures a seamless transition into SpyGlass.

Beacon Business Analysis


Receiving proper training is an integral part of the success of an implementation. Beacon aims to provide comprehensive training to our users, allowing them to take full advantage of all that SpyGlass has to offer. In-person and web-based training is supplemented with context-sensitive help, a knowledgebase of system resources and reference material, and video tutorials.

  • Our team will create a complete, customized training program for our customers that will provide all of the necessary tools to be optimally efficient with our suite of applications.

  • In addition to implementation training, Beacon performs maintenance training, allowing users to stay on top of new system functionality and take full advantage of options that help streamline operations and improve productivity.


Conversions can be a challenging, as they represent the transition of all the key data at the heart of your operations from one system to another. Each unique, with varying data structures, requirements, and nuances that need to be addressed. Beacon provides data transformation tools and techniques to help our customers map and migrate critical historical data into SpyGlass. Once loaded, our data validation tools help to identify areas that need attention, strengthening the usability and accuracy of collected historical data. Beacon’s proprietary SpyGlass technology for data transformation, in addition to our full commitment to producing a high-quality result, allow our customers to implement confidently with extensive visibility along the way.

SpyGlass Conversion


Although SpyGlass is a powerful application with robust functionality, periodically customers require specific customizations in order to meet unique business requirements or gain a competitive edge in the market. Beacon can customize features within our core suite of applications, develop new modules, or interface with third-party systems using our wide range of real-time APIs and web services. Our team can leverage our years of expertise and experience to meet the needs of our customers in the ever-changing dynamics of the healthcare landscape.

  • Core Application Enhancements
  • New Modules
  • Real-Time Interfaces

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