Our all-in-one EDI gateway and scheduler works as a hub by allowing you to directly connect with vendor partners to help avoid transaction costs, manage batch transfers, and automate transfers. HIPAA Director provides controls to setup custom HIPAA mappings for your transactions that may vary among vendor partners and create transaction schedules to fit your needs. Empower your organization by increasing accuracy and reliability through dramatic automation with HIPAA Director. HIPAA Director is included with the full SpyGlass solution or as a stand-alone option to work with existing legacy systems.

HIPAA Director Diagram


  • Ability to setup and manage trading partners, including banks, imaging vendors, carriers, etc.

  • Advanced external routing capabilities for multiple repricing tiers

  • Automate, test, and run batches on demand

  • Email notification of transfers with attached summaries, reports, and files

  • EFT to providers and PPO payments with secure, intelligent EOB options

  • Support for multiple encryption standards

  • In a single transaction, download, decrypt, encrypt, and transfer to an additional trading partner

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