Our revolutionary, fully cloud-based health claims management software, offers a powerful, flexible solution for precise and timely claims processing. SpyGlass makes benefit and plan setup remarkably straightforward, and handles full medical, dental, vision, standard or lifetime disability, time-loss payments, COBRA and life claims. Our configurable rules- and roles-based framework allows business users to easily manage plan setup for increased security and improved workflow systems without the need of a programmer. The system delivers the flexibility and functionality necessary to improve performance and increase efficiency.

SpyGlass, paired with Beacon’s HIPAA Director and Compass Code Edits, allows for integration with a variety of vendor partners to efficiently and effectively navigate through the ever-changing landscape of healthcare claims processing. 

Whether a health plan, TPA, labor union, ACO, international, or government offering, SpyGlass provides dramatically improved solutions to the health claim management process. Take back control of the ability to manage your operation, and gain the power to get the information you want, when you want it.

Claims Processing, Simplified

Dramatic Automation
Reduce administrative costs, increase accuracy and consistency on claim processing, and decrease unnecessary claims suspensions.

Customer Service
Customer service and call management components provide comprehensive information by way of strong search and view capabilities with just a few clicks.
 SpyGlass Claims Processing Display

Advanced Tools
Multi-language, multi-currency, easy integration with Word/Excel/PDF/XML, acknowledgment time stamps, and mass adjustments.

Dynamic Correspondence
Letter generation module automatically creates letters and follow-up correspondence based on the templates and schedules you control.


Value-based benefit solutions within SpyGlass monitor key conditions within your population, focus on member engagement, and reward them for making healthy decisions and working with the healthcare payer. Ultimately, our highest aim is to help our clients enhance the health of the employees and families they serve.


Beacon has developed a wide range of real-time, comprehensive API’s and file import and export facilities to integrate with virtually any sort of system that are available to your internal and authorized, secured external applications. These may extend from portals to customer account management applications.


For stringent authentication requirements, SpyGlass supports biometric login capabilities and has enabled support for fingerprint scanners. This can be used in place of or added to the core username and password combination. Lock down user access with some of the highest level biometric security available.

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 SpyGlass Suite Brochure

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