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Ease-of-Use Remarkable Ease-of-Use
Vastly reduce training time, cost, and burden.
Cloud-Based Cloud-Based Technology
Access the application from any location, on any device.
Intelligent Dashboards Intelligent Dashboards
Real-time data and metrics at your fingertips.
Real-Time Reporting Real-Time Reporting
Powerful and flexible reporting tools with one-click exporting.
Searchable Online Help Straightforward Customization & Configuration
SpyGlass was designed for end-user customizability and configurability.

Claims Processing Software
SpyGlass, our revolutionary health claims processing software, offers a powerful, flexible solution for precise and timely claims processing. SpyGlass makes benefit and plan setup remarkably straightforward.
Clinical Code Editing
Compass Code Edits, our comprehensive claim code editing solution, precisely analyzes all incoming claims for compliance and accuracy from a medical billing and coding appropriateness standpoint.
EDI Gateway
HIPAA Director
HIPAA Director, our all-in-one EDI gateway & scheduler, works as a hub by allowing you to directly connect with vendor partners to help avoid transaction costs, manage batch transfers, and automate transfers.

Claims Processing, Simplified

As a fully cloud-based suite of applications, Beacon offers SpyGlass for health claims processing, HIPAA Director for all-in-one EDI gateway and scheduling, and Compass Code Edits for comprehensive clinical code editing. Altogether, they put you back in control of health claims management and take the hassle out of day-to-day operations, allowing you and your key staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

Designed from a clean slate using modern technology, our suite of applications empower healthcare payers by listening to their needs, defining strategies to achieve their objectives, and delivering accountable, comprehensive solutions that fit their culture, budget, and timeline.

Our Company

Beacon is a trusted software firm specializing in health claims management solutions. Our innovative software products, industry acumen, and technology expertise combined with tailored professional services allow us to help healthcare payers improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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Recommendation From the Pilot Project Team

A prospective client paid for a 6 month pilot project engagement with Beacon to test SpyGlass with real plans from a real customer, using real claims from a real trading partner. Effectively, this was a new implementation.

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