SpyGlass Security

Security is a top priority for Beacon. Lock down user access with some of the highest level biometric security available. SpyGlass and HIPAA Director web application security has been tested and certified by PLYNT, the application security arm of Paladion, a Deloitte subsidiary. 

  • Finely screened control of all user access by login role

  • Claim related users have independent dollar limits, audit thresholds, default queues, secondary queues, defined audit queues, controlled member clearance, VIP service levels, and group/claim access and exclusion lists

  • Audit logging for key file changes as well as for claim actions and overrides

  • Superb security tracking, auditing, reporting and control

  • HIPAA Director Software provides secure, automated and managed file transfers, and supports encryption, compression, signing, multi-protocol support, operational notifications and tracking

Roles-based Security

Security Model

Our rules- and roles-based system allows a business user to easily manage plan setup for increased security and improved workflow systems without the need of a programmer. A personalized icon and phrase located on the login page decreases the chance of phishing.

Security Rating

Security Rating

SpyGlass has received the highest degree of security-based penetration testing available from the PLYNT Certification Program.

Plynt Security
Secure Transactions

Secure Managed

SpyGlass provides secure, automated and managed file transfers for the HIPAA transaction, plus just about any other type in conjunction with HIPAA Director. All transactions are secured via encryption and best practice protocols.