Context4 Healthcare

Headquartered in the Chicago area, Context 4 Healthcare, Inc. has more than 29 years of experience in software & data products for healthcare compliance. Their solutions impact more than 4,000 clients & tens of millions of lives. Context’s solutions have been developed to address the industry challenges currently faced by healthcare payers & providers.

Context4 Healthcare

Their cloud based Payment Integrity Platform utilizes our proprietary analytics engine to identify coding errors, medical necessity, unbundling, fraud-waste-abuse, audit risks and other aberrations that can impact your business. Context’s nationally recognized UCR (usual, customary and reasonable) database utilizes more than a billion provider transactions, providing accurate fees for millions of procedure combinations. Their UCR reference-based pricing is available in the cloud along with all 16 Medicare Prospective Payment Systems.

Their proprietary ICD-10 solutions include crosswalk databases & our server-based ICD-10 compliant coding software. Add their 100+ data products and Context is your one-stop shop for healthcare data, compliance and integrity solutions.


Establishing complementary partnerships is essential to the delivery of the Beacon suite of products. We continually evaluate potential relationships that offer products and solutions to help us meet the requirements of the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Our goal is to partner with vendors that:

  • Offer high quality, integral solutions

  • Provide our customers with the greatest value

  • Have the flexibility to fit our customers' needs

At Beacon, we strive to provide our customers with complete solutions crafted to fit their unique needs. Together, we can advance the future of healthcare.


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