Coteva: CEEM

Developed by TPA industry insiders, Coteva's Enrollment and Eligibility Manager (CEEM) provides end-to-end, seamless data integration for an easier, completely comprehensive way to manage employee benefits. Streamlined enrollment, accurate eligibility, comprehensive billing and robust reporting means processing more business more efficiently.

Coteva CEEM

CEEM was built to provide an affordable, best in class solution for TPAs, Brokers, Employers, and Employees. CEEM saves you administrative time and money, by processing eligibility, billing, reports and data in one convenient online system. CEEM gives you around the clock access to all your clients data, and can be fully integrated into your claims adjudication system and payroll system. When you purchase CEEM you are choosing a partner who will be there for you every step of the way!


Establishing complementary partnerships is essential to the delivery of the Beacon suite of products. We continually evaluate potential relationships that offer products and solutions to help us meet the requirements of the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Our goal is to partner with vendors that:

  • Offer high quality, integral solutions

  • Provide our customers with the greatest value

  • Have the flexibility to fit our customers' needs

At Beacon, we strive to provide our customers with complete solutions crafted to fit their unique needs. Together, we can advance the future of healthcare.


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