Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare is one of the largest, independent healthcare technology companies in the United States. Working alongside their customers and partners, they enable better patient care, choice, and outcomes at scale. As a new company, Change Healthcare has increased capabilities for innovation, investment, and customer service.

They provide software and analytics, network solutions and technology-enabled services. Through their broad portfolio of solutions, Change Healthcare is able to serve the needs of multiple stakeholders in the healthcare system, including commercial and governmental payers, employers, hospitals, physicians and other providers, laboratories and consumers.

15,000 team members help their customers improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase cash flow, and manage complex workflows. They are a healthcare technology solutions company that uniquely champions improvement before, after, and in-between care episodes. Through their unique knowledge and interconnected position at the center of healthcare, they help provide a visible measure of quality and value for all major stakeholders across the healthcare system.

Change Healthcare

With their customers and partners, they are helping to create a stronger, better coordinated, increasingly collaborative, and more efficient healthcare system. They are a significant part of today's healthcare market - playing a vital role in helping the system not only function, but also work smarter.


Establishing complementary partnerships is essential to the delivery of the Beacon suite of products. We continually evaluate potential relationships that offer products and solutions to help us meet the requirements of the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Our goal is to partner with vendors that:

  • Offer high quality, integral solutions

  • Provide our customers with the greatest value

  • Have the flexibility to fit our customers' needs

At Beacon, we strive to provide our customers with complete solutions crafted to fit their unique needs. Together, we can advance the future of healthcare.


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