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Simplify Claims Processing
Our customers are always faced with new market demands and constantly changing regulations. It seems the only constant is change. Beacon is focused on providing health claims processing solutions that balance simplicity with robust capabilities. In order to deal with the complexity of real business goals and transactions, we recognize that the technology we provide must support the same level of flexibility. We use our deep industry expertise in the day-to-day with our customers to find the right leverage points to apply this principle of simplicity.

We try to boil down the requirements that can enable a solution that looks easy, feels easy, and actually is easy. If there are already superior, more familiar tools available, it’s crucial to avoid trying to re-invent the wheel. For instance, if customizable documents are important to a customer, then the best way to facilitate this is to integrate with the most powerful word processor in the industry, Microsoft Word. Our job, in this case, is to provide our customers with the ability to create and manage templates and customizable documents that are pre-populated to the greatest extent possible.

SpyGlass Integration with Microsoft Word

We’ve developed an integration with Word that lets you leverage the tools you already know via our SpyGlass correspondence module. Using virtually any field or combination of fields in the database, the system brings all the powerful formatting and processing options available right to your fingertips. We add to that with auto-generation of documents, auto follow-up documents, and customizable quiet periods if you’ve already sent a particular document to a patient—why send out a second copy before they’ve had a chance to respond?

Another area in which Beacon has applied this principle of simplicity is with insightful reporting. Beacon has developed powerful, yet easy-to-use standard and ad-hoc reporting tools in SpyGlass. With the vast amounts of reportable data available, our highly-customizable ad-hoc reports allow users to save their user-defined reports/extracts with a unique name for easy reuse. Regarding the SpyGlass reporting features, one customer said, “It may not claim to be data modeling, but it offers enormous data for us to work with.”

SpyGlass Integration with Excel

In a similar sense to our Word integration, we’ve integrated our reporting framework with Microsoft Excel to offer expanded, drill-down capability within report exports. Via a single click, Excel exports enable the key features you need and want from a spreadsheet. Numbers are exported as number field formats and dates are exported as date field formats, allowing your pivot tables to support the necessary formulas. Integrating with Word and Excel wasn't simple, but in order to offer further simplicity to our customers, Beacon did it.

Throughout the application, we’ve implemented context-sensitive help on the HIPAA codes tables to deliver help content when and where it counts. For example, if you're searching for the description of a procedure or diagnosis code, you can search either for the code or description, and the system automatically looks up partial matches. A key trick is that a single search provides results from multiple code types, allowing users to easily sift through relevant options.

It may not claim to be data modeling, but it offers enormous data for us to work with.

Oversimplification may become an impediment if it doesn’t help you control and manage changes in the future. SpyGlass implements some design frameworks that allow and support keeping change to a minimum. While building a benefit plan in the system, users can explicitly define each benefit to adopt how each service line will pay out, based on which coverage they are tied to. To illustrate, this simplifies the tedious work of plan building in that you only need to set up an office visit benefit once to utilize across all of your coverages. So, when it comes time for plan renewal, you’re not required to update the co-pay, deductible, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket for each benefit, because the plan automatically inherits the changes you made at the coverage level, by virtue of the date of service on any given claim.

Making changes to existing practices can be time-consuming. By working to drive out manual intervention in the first place and providing powerful tools to meet the needs at hand, Beacon strives to help you meet your goals as simply as possible.

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