Leaving Efficiencies on the Table

SpyGlass Specialization
As healthcare payers look for new and better ways to achieve maximum efficiency at the core of their operations, the search for the right technology is a critical part of the equation. Selecting a solution that helps your business run efficiently is not merely a choice between one brand and another, but between the broad categories of software that we might call best-of-breed versus fully-integrated solutions.


Systems that claim to be fully-integrated must meet the needs of all payers with a vast range of requirements, processes, and goals. With each payer in the marketplace striving to offer unique competitive advantages, the functionality of an integrated solution that attempts to do all things for all users may not support depth in core areas most important to your business. These systems may force your company to change its processes within your departments to fit the constraints of the software, resulting in additional change costs and lost revenue.

The Heart and Soul of Claims Administration

If the core of your business is administering the payment of claims, then perhaps it’s worth considering having a strategic focus on that key component. Attempting to offer every component leaves efficiencies on the table for such integrated systems, resulting in the significant inadequacy of power and flexibility that your organization requires.

With SpyGlass, HIPAA Director, and Compass Code Edits, Beacon has built best-of-breed components that focus on health claims processing. The heart of it all is powerful benefit plan building tools that allow you to automate the calculation, workflow, processing, and payment of claims. Once your core needs are met in the most optimal fashion, our integration capabilities begin to shine. These allow SpyGlass to mesh with your existing or desired accounting systems or the customer service system you’ve built yourself over time.


Beacon’s integration controls within SpyGlass allow businesses to take on new customers, products, and offerings and plug-in new functionality as needed, rather than causing disruptions across all your departments (claims, finance, account management, customer service, and compliance) over long swaths of time. The principle in our economy that reflects this best is specialization. Let’s think for a moment about how specialization influences you as a person. If you have foot pain, you would prefer the help of someone whose profession is focused on that particular area of need, a podiatrist. As a result, specialization leads to mastery over specific areas. Considering the depth of functionality with a best-of-breed solution like SpyGlass, the powerful capabilities highlight a unique system at the top of its industry.

SpyGlass was built to support the depth of features that health claims processing requires in order to control the biggest portion of the cost of care: the claims. Ancillary systems that do not impact claims processing, like specific industry eligibility, are then free to specialize and flourish in their own niches. Beacon’s strategy is to integrate with the best possible partners to complement SpyGlass, each of which serves you in your own unique combination of needs.

Automated Integration with Niche Vendors

Beacon’s integration capability lets us work with any specialty vendors you might need. The system supports thorough APIs that link to systems that run the gamut from portals to dedicated billing, customer account management applications, and viewing actual EOB images from third-party vendors, like RedCard and Change Healthcare. A lot of time and effort has gone into cultivating the relationships with these complementary products, allowing for seamless integration. Together, we can help you design and implement a total solution to fit you and your customers' needs.

Allow Beacon the opportunity to help you transform your business with improved visibility, increased reach, and enhanced scalability. We’ll help support the unique vision you’ve developed and the combination of strengths you’ve built.