10 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Claims System

10 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Claims System

Is your company limited by the performance and functionality of your current claims processing system? Are you struggling to keep up with new market demands? Healthcare payer organizations require an agile system that offers the functionality to efficiently serve their customers while providing the capabilities to position themselves for the future. Beacon is setting the new standard in health claims management solutions. Below, we’ve outlined the top 10 areas of frustration we’ve heard from healthcare payers and how Beacon can position your company to improve organizational efficiency and profitability.

Number 1

Your Workarounds Exceed Your Work

Your existing claims system may have served you until now, but as your business continues to evolve, it may be struggling to keep up. Our team brings vision and an advanced level of knowledge and expertise to the challenges faced by healthcare payers, allowing our customers to leverage the power of SpyGlass in the most efficient, cost-effective way. The remarkable ease-of-use and end-user configurability ensure smooth operations today and a path toward your future business needs.

Number 2

Outdated Technology is Costing You

Getting people to work together is hard enough; your system shouldn't be yet another barrier. Too many vendors still require ancient technologies, like remote desktop, to work. With SpyGlass’ fully web-based platform, users can access the application from any location, on any device. You’ll be working together with the lightest footprint available to accommodate all of your stakeholders and trading partners.

Number 3

You’re Missing Valuable Tools

Users want to work with the best tools available, and their enterprise software should enable that. Beacon integrates with the most powerful tools available, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and exports that leverage PDF, CSV and XML. Using virtually any field or combination of fields in the database, the system brings all the powerful formatting and word processing options available right to your fingertips through the SpyGlass correspondence module. Via a single click, you can export your data to Excel and use all the features you need and want from a spreadsheet. Numbers are exported as number field formats and dates are exported as date field formats, allowing your pivot tables to support the necessary formulas. Get data in the format you need, when you need it.

Number 4

You’re Running Around in Circles

With the power and flexibility of Beacon’s HIPAA Director, included with SpyGlass, scheduled operations are a snap. When your trading partners or stakeholders demand complexity, we'll still be there to help. Does someone require a special format? Custom settings and even presets help to specify the precise settings required to send what, when, and to whom. Need a file on the first Monday of the month? We've got you covered.

Number 5

Your Systems Don’t Integrate Easily or at All

Your system integrations shouldn’t fight like cats and dogs. When SpyGlass enables system-wide integration encompassing even the old ways (CSV, fixed-width, pipe-delimited) in addition to the new ways (XML, APIs, business user developed specifications), you gain the power to integrate with virtually any sort of system available to your internal and authorized, secured external applications.

Number 6

Converting Your Data Poses a Significant Challenge

Conversions can be challenging, as they represent the transition of all the key data at the heart of your operations from one system to another. Each is unique, with varying data structures, requirements, and nuances that need to be addressed. Beacon’s proprietary SpyGlass technology for data transformation and validation, in addition to our full commitment to producing a high-quality result, allows users to implement confidently with extensive visibility along the way.

Number 7

Your Options Are Limited

Healthcare payers may find themselves locked into pricing with only one hosting option through their claims system vendor. We don't tell you how to buy from us. We offer SpyGlass via SaaS or as an in-house licensed product that you can run on your own network with size sensitive, reasonably scaled pricing.

Number 8

Huge Security Holes in Your System

Don’t keep rolling the dice. Lock down user access with some of the highest level biometric security available. SpyGlass web application security has been tested and certified by PLYNT, the application security arm of Paladion, a Deloitte subsidiary. The system supports the requisite enterprise security protocols that you’ll need, like site to site VPNs, secure channels, and the relevant security protocols for sending secure files using advanced PKI encryption.

Number 9

You Were Given a Roadmap to Nowhere

If you're with a legacy vendor, you may have even stopped receiving updates. In fact, we know of vendors that have “sunsetted” important components such that the features you used to have don't work anymore! Once or twice a month, our SaaS customers often come into new features overnight or over a weekend, and we give them the time they need to check things out and be sure that things work the way they expect.

Number 10

Unresponsiveness to Your Operational Needs

It's not just the technology, it's the people behind the technology that makes the biggest difference. You want to work and build relationships with people that care about your operation and are determined to be good partners. At Beacon, we’re passionate about listening to your needs, defining strategies to achieve your objectives, and delivering accountable, comprehensive solutions that fit your culture, budget, and timeline.

Why We're Different

We're in it for the long haul. Our team, with deep background experience within the healthcare software development and insurance claims processing industries, will walk you through the ways SpyGlass will modernize your business in the most cost-effective way. We aim to be the last claims processing vendor you’ll ever need.