Introducing Compass Code Edits

The continuous fluctuation of the healthcare landscape is driving technology vendors to deliver new ideas to move the industry forward in a powerful way. Beacon is at the forefront, developing innovative technology and services to help minimize and uncover waste, abuse, and fraudulent charges. We are pleased to announce our next step in providing advanced safeguards for our clients with the release of our comprehensive claim code editing solution, Compass Code Edits. We have designed Compass to precisely analyze all incoming claims for validity and accuracy from a medical billing and coding appropriateness standpoint, all before a single payment is made.

The system flags claims that attempt to bill incompatible or unnecessary procedures, performing checks for medically unlikely or unnecessary combinations of edits, along with a host of other checks for reasonableness. Compass provides significant claim savings and increases end-to-end efficiency, allowing you to spend less time on manual workarounds and more time with your customers.

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Click here to see how Compass will improve claim payment accuracy and allow you to devote your time away from manual review to more strategic efforts.