Do These Value-Based Benefits Look Good on Me?

Value-Based Benefits in SpyGlass

Beacon has begun to see the momentum for value-based benefits, and have built new technology in our suite of applications to get ahead of the curve. Value-based benefit solutions focus on member engagement, rewarding patients for making healthy decisions and working with the health plan. Essentially, these incentivize member cooperation and track compliance in order to access a benefit or gain an enhanced benefit. The potential impacts span eligibility and claims processing, but also require connections in the real world. With this idea, we've enabled API's, web services, and a wealth of incoming data possibilities. Once you have the right structures in place, these become achievable goals. Now you can implement the solutions you envision, and the health plan can gain its most powerful partner: the patient.

Value-based solutions are here to stay. The momentum is there, and Beacon helps you capitalize on it. 

We envision having compliance data coming at the eligibility and claims system from all angles. With that in mind, we’ve prepared to support a wide range of implementations. Some examples include: a real-time incoming transaction (like a Fitbit feed), a web service call (member logs onto your website and completes a form), or a regular file feed (member completes a health risk assessment). Any one of these events can trigger a change from one benefit level to another for the individual that is now cooperating with the plan.

Once a member qualifies for a new benefit, or an enhancement to an existing benefit, we also see a wider range of impacts on tracking accumulators with new or revised thresholds. We’ve created new tracking features for individual benefits limits within SpyGlass to address this. With capable innovators on your side, your vision can be implemented.

Beacon’s value-based benefit solutions facilitate positive and stronger relationships with members by rewarding cooperation. Only such member engagement will deliver real improvements in health, and that's what the health plan is all about. Not to mention, it will result in plan savings. Value-based solutions are here to stay. The momentum is there, and Beacon helps you capitalize on it.