The Already and the Not Yet

The Already and the Not Yet

It's hard to predict how the healthcare insurance market will evolve in the coming year and years beyond. We’re “Not Yet” where we need to be. We know that insurers are leaving the older Obamacare market, undoubtedly weakening state-assisted insurance. However, just like power leaves a vacuum, this need for good health coverage in the employer related markets has already seemed to spur the benefits management and health claims processing sectors. With the rise of employer-sponsored plans, Third Party Administrators and companies that manage their own plans will inevitably require software that offers the flexibility and efficiency to address the changes in the healthcare market.

The 21st Century Cures Act, passed late last year, has eliminated the barrier for smaller plans to include more sophisticated HRA capabilities. This sort of change makes our business of health claims processing more dynamic and more deeply involved with other systems and processes.

SpyGlass Microsoft Integration

SpyGlass and HIPAA Director already offer the tools you need to address the changes ahead. 

SpyGlass Dashboard

As you work to administer benefits efficiently, in a way that enhances member and family health, Beacon can help you batten down the hatches on all the key elements needed for claims processing at high volumes, and do so with dramatically high rates of automation. When you decide that a particular type of claim should be pended for examiner review, Beacon’s tools for handling them give you plenty of power to make it as easy as possible, like automated (intelligent) correspondence, barcode, and QR code powered return processing. These are beautifully integrated with the tools you use every day, like Word and Excel.

Managers get dashboards that not only give a picture of what’s going on in the shop, they also allow you to manage the work, and keep your people productive.

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