Right Place, Right Time, Every Time.

Right Place, Right Time, Every Time
Healthcare payers are often faced with incomplete, incorrect, or invalidated address information across their applications, leading to missing, late and confusing communication with members and providers. Address verification technology is an important piece to maintaining healthy, quality data and improving overall communication.

Beacon’s new address validation and geocoding technology delivers you verified real-world accuracy and precision. SpyGlass validates and standardizes domestic addresses against official USPS databases and CASS certification standards, returning geocode and metadata for each verified address. These address validation features increase employee efficiency and support all of your critical initiatives that require precise, current addresses and GPS coordinates. With SpyGlass’ seamless integration right into your existing portals, mobile apps, and other systems, providing your stakeholders accurate, up-to-date address and location data doesn’t get any easier than this.

Address VAlidation

SpyGlass allows you the option to validate domestic or international addresses one at a time or in selected subgroups or lists. Additionally, the ability to select sublists or subgroupings of addresses would help address unforeseen needs such as “validate all service provider addresses in Arizona.” These list processing capabilities are attached to standard reporting features in SpyGlass that show the count of unchanged records, records that require changes, and records that have multiple matching addresses where a single address must be manually selected.

Keep your data clean. Validate addresses at the point of entry. Provide accurate, up-to-date address and location data to all users and eliminate incorrect, unchecked addresses from entering your system.

Seeing is believing.

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