Integration Within Your Technology Ecosystem

Application Integration
As a software technology vendor, Beacon is continuously innovating and modernizing our product offering, whether it’s for a client’s unique requirement, to stay ahead of market demands, or to integrate with emerging technologies—like the biometric security framework we’ve built for absolute authentication. But what happens when older technology needs to interact with new technology?

With SpyGlass Tools, we’ve built best-of-breed components that are designed around integration frameworks that can plug-in as necessary to most of the existing legacy tools and systems you’re used to. This enables our customers to embrace new capabilities while still being able to integrate with existing applications, all without wholesale change. By placing integration at the core of SpyGlass Tools, Beacon seamlessly allows for advancement, while optimizing interoperability across your systems.

Because of the flexible, component-based architecture that the system is founded on, this kind of application integration flows throughout SpyGlass. Each core module, whether it’s claims, eligibility, customer service, working with trading partners, or even the development of our new billing system, provides seamless access. It’s not just moving data around, it’s helping to mesh systems that may not have originally been designed to work together.

Our comprehensive set of web services and API’s provide real-time access to a vast range of SpyGlass Tools, providing functionality to and from virtually any other internal system or secured external application. These solutions provide healthcare payers the flexibility to support new business models and leverage the power of SpyGlass outside of their traditional offerings.

Information sharing is an important asset to every organization, and we’ve designed SpyGlass with the foundations that support these principles. Providing real-time access to a member’s claim history, coverage history, and accumulators, within just a few clicks, is crucial to streamlining a customer service representative’s day-to-day tasks, saving valuable time.

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