Keep Your Members Informed With Beacon’s New Claim Management Notifications

Claim Management Notifications
Patients are typically unaware as to how their health claims administration is being processed between you, as the healthcare payer, and their provider. Claim data delivery may be delayed by a variety of different reasons, such as authorization procedures and long discharge processes, and throughout these delays, patients are far too often left in the dark.

Your members want to know what’s going on with their healthcare plans and costs and, preferably, find the answers they need without having to call your customer service team. Having a solution that delivers your member a resolution the minute it’s available is particularly important when they have a pending claim or approval.

With Beacon’s, new claim management notifications in SpyGlass, members will always be informed on their health claim processes by receiving updates straight to their email or mobile phone. The member will receive automated, real-time notifications when their own claims and the claims of any dependents who share their address are received, paid, and/or adjusted.

The subject and message of each notification type are entirely under your control, using a comprehensive array of easy-to-use, pre-built SpyGlass bookmarks. Timely notifications increase member visibility into the claims process by alerting your members and patients whenever relevant information becomes available. Ultimately, this improves the overall care experience, raises insured member and patient satisfaction, and increases your overall service quality by suppressing complaints to the PPO, provider, and your organization.

Beacon is committed to helping healthcare payers achieve their goals as a strategic technology partner. With that commitment in mind, we have earnestly worked to deliver flexible solutions to help our customers maximize efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and improve provider and member relationships. Contact Beacon today to learn how our technology can help your organization achieve similar results.

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