Beyond the Edge of the Screen

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Beacon APIs
Even the most beautiful interface can fail to deliver necessary business value. Beacon has innovated beyond the edge of the screen. With SpyGlass, HIPAA Director, and Compass Code Edits, we’ve built best-of-breed components that span deep within health claims processing. Even so, healthcare payers often need functionality and resources that reach beyond the screen to the internal core claims and benefits administration functions. For this, Beacon has developed a wide range of real-time, comprehensive Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) and automated file import and export facilities to integrate with virtually any systems that are available to your internal and authorized, secured external applications.

Our innovative and robust web services and API's provide real-time access to a vast range of SpyGlass data and functionality from other portals, systems, and applications. With all the right connections, Beacon’s delivers improved visibility, increased reach, and enhanced scalability. These solutions provide healthcare payers the flexibility to support new business models and leverage the power of SpyGlass outside of their traditional offerings.

Beacon’s thorough API’s link to systems that run the gamut from portals to other dedicated billing, customer account management applications, and viewing actual EOB images from third-party vendors, like RedCard and Change Healthcare. It also includes services, like claim editing and payment processing, which require more than just a single piece of data. Connect apps, portals, customer service applications, and online services via a single sign-on authenticated token. We have a wide range of thorough, real-time eligibility interfaces and proprietary file formats that business users can create, edit, and maintain with complete support for all eligibility operations.

Our conversion tools framework makes it easy for business users to set up exports for over 850 unique data elements across over 35 meaningful categories that can all be available as web services packages. They can be automatically exported, following your own customized specifications, which are straightforward enough for business users to manage with no programming required. HIPAA Director can then automatically run the specifications that your business users create and manage, generate files, and upload them using your chosen protocols and credentials automatically.

Envision the possibilities. Allow Beacon the opportunity to help you transform your business.

See Beacon's Real-Time API's in Action

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