Meet the Team Leaders

Ernie Crawford, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Crawford is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer for Beacon Technologies Group.  He has both a technical and business background.  Mr. Crawford double majored in Physics and Mathematics at Indiana University, graduating in 1980, and earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Indiana University in 1984, double majoring in Management Information Systems and Finance.  He has earned technical certifications from IBM and Microsoft.  Mr. Crawford began his career as a physicist for the Department of Defense but has worked the last 30 years in systems consulting and/or the insurance business.  Prior to starting Beacon, Mr. Crawford was the lead designer for several major insurance sub-systems, including a Reinsurance, Commissions, New Business, and Underwriting system.  These systems are commercially available and are still being sold today.

Mark John, Director

Mr. John is co-founder and Director of Beacon Technologies Group. He is responsible for the areas of Sales and Marketing, Project Management, and Business Administration.  Prior to founding the company, Mr. John successfully built and sold a direct marketing and publishing business that was later re-sold to Gannet, Inc.  Mr. John graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Wheaton College, Chicago, Illinois, in 1979, and has taken additional sales, technology, and programming certification courses.

Natan Weisburd, Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Weisburd is Beacon’s Technical Director and has been with the company since 1998.  He has over 30 years of systems experience and 18 years within the insurance industry.  Mr. Weisburd has worked on several different claims systems, including Genelco, USSI, PMSC, and Erisco.  Mr. Weisburd graduated from Ural University, Russia, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Mathematics. Mr. Weisburd has also received additional technical certifications from IBM.

Dave Bukowski, Director of Quality Control

Mr. Bukowski has 24 years of systems consulting experience with 20 years in the insurance industry.  He has designed a dental claim system and other claim subsystems for commercially available insurance software applications.  Mr. Bukowski graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems.