HIPAA director is included in our SpyGlass claims software or as a stand-alone option to work with an existing legacy system. It works as a hub by allowing you to directly connect with vendor partners to help avoid transaction costs, manage batch transfers and automate transfers.

HIPAA director benefits:

  • Easily manage changing TP specifications
  • Increase reliability, accuracy and personnel time through automation
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Save office and postage costs via EFT for Provider and PPO payments

hipAa director features:

  • Setup and manage trading partners including banks, imaging, carriers, etc
  • Support multiple encryption standards
  • Automate, test or run "live" batches on demand
  • Email notification of transfers with attached summaries, reports and files
  • Download, decrypt and re-transfer to another trading partner in single transaction
  • Send Provider and PPO payments via EFT with secure, intelligent eEOB options

HIPAA Director vendor partner features:

  • Stores PKI keys, encrypted login credentials, passphrases, set custom remote and local folders
  • Setup custom HIPAA mappings for 837s, 835s and 834s that vary among vendor partners
  • Control designated encryption and security protocols with profiles
  • Create transaction schedules to your needs
  • Set options for adjudication, specials jobs, repricing operations, etc.

Download the SpyGlass and HIPAA Director brochure.